Chef Angela, her sister and friends celebrating Carnevale in the 80s

February is Carnival time in Italy and that means jokes and tricks, fun and dressing up in costume, especially for kids! Can you recognize Chef Angela in these pictures?

Carnival is undoubtedly the craziest and most colorful celebration of the year. It is a typical festival of traditional Catholic cultures, and is celebrated with disguises, jokes, and sweets! It resembles Halloween but not as spooky… Carnival is the day when everyone can dress up, express their creativity, try to be superheroes for a day or wear a traditional mask: each region in Italy has its own mask! The most famous and characteristic celebrations are in Viareggio and Venice, which dates back in 1296!

Confetti (coriandoli), masks (maschere), and shooting stars (stelle filanti)

Apart from confetti, makeup, masks, trumpets and shooting stars, there are also Carnival sweets, which are different in each region: frappe, chiacchere, cenci, castagnole, struffoli, bugie, frittelle di mele, ravioli dolci… in short, Carnival is very sweet!!

Chef Angela’s mother, Patrizia, is from Tuscany and she passed on the family recipe for the traditional Cenci. Celebrate Carnevale by making Italian Cenci, follow the instructions from Nonna Patrizia’s Cenci recipe!

Buon Carnevale!

Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day is here! For Chef Angela it is very important to celebrate love and the one she loves, of course with food as is the Italian way: there is even a saying “l’amore va preso per la gola” meaning to conquer your love through good food. Here are a few suggestions by Chef Angela to celebrate love for an unforgettable, romantic, and delicious 2021 Valentine.

First of all: a special Italian dinner made by Chef Angela that includes traditional Lasagna, the scrumptious Bellangela Tiramisù and Italian wine and Chocolates available as add-ons! Fall in love all over again both with your partner and Chef Angela’s food, it’s all taken care of!

Second: gift a romantic virtual cooking class, enjoying together the cooking and the romantic chocolate heart cake. Chef Angela has planned everything, from delivering the Gourmet Meal Kit ingredients, to recipes and shopping links.

Last but not least: the best of the gifts, a trip of a lifetime in the romantic Italy, on a splendid journey experiencing Italian culture, lifestyle, history, and the inevitable good food and wine!

Buon S. Valentino!

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