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Buon Appetito – Chef Angela

BELLANGELA Italian Cuisine presents “Gli strumenti del mestiere – The tools of the trade.”

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Fall & Fashion

Ciao! Fall is here already! The leaves are turning color, the air is getting chilly, and pumpkins are everywhere in the grocery stores. Here in America, pumpkin seems to be mostly used for carving Jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween decorating. But in Chef Angela’s hometown of Sezze, Italy, zucca (pumpkin in Italian) is a “V.I.I.” — Very…

taste of italy

Taste of Italy

Chef Angela’s secret to authentic Italian food? Starting with quality, Italian Ingredients. Here are some of her favorite products to recommend to any home-chef looking to make delicious recipes. As an Amazon Associate, Bellangela earns from qualifying purchases. ITALIAN ESSENTIALS ITALIAN PASTA SECRETS Genuine Italian Chilli – Hot Peppers Italian Tomato Paste Double concentrated with…

Tools for the Perfect Pasta

Handmade pasta is among the most common Italian cuisines that both locals and foreign visitors love. And just like many pasta lovers out there, we understand your overwhelming spirits when it comes to choosing the kitchen tools to create this very satisfying delicacy. That’s why I’ve compiled some of the kitchen tools you need to…