Update January 2022: Postponed until further notice.
We had to come to this decision after getting constant information from my Italian family in Sezze, the Omicron will not be resolved safely by the time we planned the trip. So we just need to wait until we will be able to fully enjoy the trip, the food, the friends, the laughs, the music and much more… to a safer travel time that we hope will come soon!

Learn all about the wonderful world of Italian cuisine and culture in Italy!

Bellangela is partnering with Ultimate Italy Tours to offer gastronomic foodie VIP tours in Italy with Chef Angela and Kerri Wood as personal guides. Bellangela Italy Foodie Tour is a unique opportunity to visit Rome and Sezze (Chef Angela’s hometown south of Rome) and the area around, experiencing the cultural life, the food, the wine, the tradition, and obviously the history… 2,400 years old historical sites! See Bellangela Italy Food 2022 Tour highlights for details and reserve your spot!

La Dolce Vita: A Taste of Italy with Chef Angela by Just Your Suitcase

“A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to virtually cross paths with Chef Angela. I soon learned about her love of Italy, her passion for cooking, and a tour she’s guiding that combines both – Italy Foodie Tour (late September 2021)… ”

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