The chubby hands of my 3-year-old boy kneading pasta, with his brother 9, taught by their dad, they made fresh rigatoni. My daughter Gaia showing her cannelloni.

During last year, as a businesswoman, mother, wife, immigrant, the “forced” closeness with my family, hubby, and 3 children, made me realize that I am a lucky woman… and do you know why? My teenage daughter Gaia approached cooking, my passion! She used to do it as a “chore”, and gladly this last year she’s started doing it with love and curiosity, two basic “ingredients” for a Chef! Because of that, even my boys, 9 and 3, have approached the kitchen with wonder and driven by the same desire to participate as a family all together.

As a proud Italian mother, I must say that Gaia is gifted in the kitchen and the others are enjoying the fruits of that! 😊 I am also proud to pass on the family recipes, the true Italian flavors, the respect for a healthy Mediterranean diet, and the ability to select the right ingredients… the foundations of my work!

That’s why we’ve created the Teen in the Kitchen column: please encourage your children and grandchildren to create recipes with their own hands, it will be a wonderful way to spend time together and create memories, similarly to the ones I have from my family in Italy and the ones I am creating with my family here in America.

Start with this regalo-gift recipe from Gaia and her Teen in the Kitchen column: Mini Nutella Croissants!

Buon divertimento e buon appetito!

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