Tiramisù Bellangela (Serves 4-6) Medium size, 8″x8″

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A classic Italian dessert, with mascarpone, butter cookies, espresso, and Italian chocolate. 

A delightful authentic Italian experience! Her tiramisu is the best I’ve ever had. – Kara McKeage

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Serving Instructions

Take it out from the freezer approximately one hour before serving for its best consistency. Leftovers (if any!) can be kept in the refrigerators for a few days.
Buon Appetito!

5 reviews for Tiramisù Bellangela (Serves 4-6) Medium size, 8″x8″

  1. Maryna (verified owner)

    I tried a lot of store brands timamisu. The one that chef Angela makes is not comparable, it’s smooth, silky, not over sweetened and leave a very nice aftertaste in the mouth. Thank you!

    • bellangelacooking


  2. sarakappler (verified owner)

    Angela’s Tiramisu is authentic, delicious, decadent, and worth every penny. We were supposed to go to Italy this summer but of course our trip got cancelled. After learning that Angela was able to make Gluten Free Tiramisu (can’t get that in Italy!!), I decided to give it a try!
    We were all blown away with how good it was. It is so rich, and it was a special treat we all got to enjoy. I would recommend her cuisine to anyone wanting to experience Italy and FYI this medium size was enough to last a few days — it says 4-6 but it is so rich it lasted us more like 6-8 portions.

    • bellangelacooking


  3. Deanna

    I prided myself on my own version of tiramisu taught to me by an Italian friend decades ago. But once I had Bellangela’s tiramisu, I knew she had me beaten. The consistency and taste of her tiramisu is bar none. I highly recommend her tiramisu. It’s like no other.

    • bellangelacooking

      Wow, grazie!

  4. Joy Randall

    My family continues to rave about Angela’s tiramisu! I’ve had many a share of tiramisu in the past and cannot say I’ve had anything like hers. Not clawingly sweet, just a perfect balance. A glorious treat that you will not want to share with anyone!

    • bellangelacooking


  5. Joy Randall (verified owner)

    My family still raves about Angela’s tiramisu! I’ve had many a share of other tiramisu’s in the past and can genuinely say hers is the best I’ve had. It’s not clawingly sweet, just perfect. A glorious treat you will not want to share!

    • bellangelacooking


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