Bellangela’s Bolognese Ragu (2 pounds)

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Bellangela’s secret Bolognese Ragu recipe. Red-sauce with ground beef cooked for 3 hours.


  • Organic tomato sauce
  • Organic ground beef
  • Mediterranean Sea salt, evoo, onions
  • Secret ingredient

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Cooking Instructions

Already cooked, warm it up in microwave (container is microwave-safe) before serving.
You can use it as condiment for your pasta, rice, polenta… or by itself!
Buon Appetito!

19 reviews for Bellangela’s Bolognese Ragu (2 pounds)

  1. Mary

    Chef Angela’s ragu transported me back to Italy! Deep complex flavors in a light sauce. Absolutely delicious. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie Mary! I’ve reached my goal, binging Italy to the PNW, evviva!

  2. Carol

    The ragu was a big hit at our house! My whole family loved it, even my picky kids! So much fresh flavor, a perfect meal for a chilly evening. Absolutely delicious 😋

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie mille!

  3. Katie

    Angela’s ragu is phenomenal. I enjoyed it while recovering from an injury, and it was full-bodied nourishment for my system. The flavor is simple yet deeply complex—one the most authentically Italian dishes I have found here in the US. You can taste the love and care that Chef Angela brings to her kitchen in every bite. So worth it.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie mille Katie!

  4. Senthil (verified owner)

    I have very picky eaters at home and Angela’s ragu was an instant hit in our home. Kids loved the ragu and it was amazing. Can’t wait to try the other products.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie Senthil, so happy your family loves my ragu’,buon appetito!

  5. Gretchen Maelle

    Amazing Ragu! My son and I loved it with fresh pasta. This is a MUST for everyone who want authentic Italian food!

    • bellangelacooking


  6. Dulce (verified owner)

    We had Angela’s ragú last night, I paired it with some rice mix and quinoa. It’s simply AMAZING! So tasty, rich and fresh. definitely will buy it again soon.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie! So very happy you love it!

  7. Nancy W.

    Spectacularly Delicious! I have been wanting to try this for a long time. Chef Angela’s food is homemade and tastes nothing like you are used to. I will be ordering more for my family members soon!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie Nancy!

  8. Marcia Sears

    My first ragu and I WANT MORE!!!
    You can taste the love in every bite!!
    I trust Chef Angela’s expertise and I know you will love her delicious ragu!!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie Marcia!

  9. John

    The best of the best, hard to find another ragu that can compare to Angela’s recipe and carefully chosen ingredients to make this dish a sure winner especially when accompanied with a nice bottle of Rosso di Montalcino!!

    • bellangelacooking

      Fantastic review, grazie!
      I agree completely, with a glass of good wine and my ragu’ you can feel like in Italy!

  10. Nadine (verified owner)

    Amazing ragu!!! We had some of Chef Angela’s ragu at a get together, and loved it so much we had to get some ourselves🙂 Compliments to the super talented chef!!
    On a side note, her signature tiramisu and decadent desserts are fantastic as well!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie mille!
      Love the side note too 😉

  11. Tonya M

    Chef Angela’s ragu really is something special! So fresh and flavorful. We had it with her fresh ravioli, cappelletti and gnocchi – SO GOOD!! Thank you Angela, your food is amazing and you are such a pleasure to work with. Give Angela’s authentic recipes a try, you won’t be disappointed!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie! My heart bursts with happiness!

  12. Beata Jachulski Baker (verified owner)

    Chef Angela’s bolognese ragu is a gift to yourself you should keep in your freezer at all times. Meaty and flavorful, with subtle spices and deep tomato richness; you can taste the fresh organic ingredients with every bite. Paired with Chef Angela’s homemade linguine pasta it is the ULTIMATE comfort food – heat, eat, heaven! Especially if you cook every day like I do, having Chef Angela’s bolognese and pasta in the pantry is like having a little vacation pre-planned. When you need a little break – there it is, ready to treat you!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie mille!
      Your words are like music for my ears 🙂

  13. ChiaChia (verified owner)

    I’m a foodie and I’m really specific and picky when it comes to food. From Michelin Stars restaurants to authentic home cooking, as long as they are delicious, my nose will find them! Angela’s Ragu is definitely the best I’ve ever had! Not only does it taste amazing, it’s also made with organic ingredients! I need them in my freezer all the time!!!

    • bellangelacooking

      I’m blushing, grazie mille!

  14. Liliana (verified owner)

    Angela’s ragu is the BEST! So flavorful and meaty. My kids absolutely love it! Thank you Angela for sharing the flavors of beautiful Italy!

    • bellangelacooking

      This is why I do my job, to make my clients so excited about my food and feel Italy closer, Grazie!

  15. Judy Hurdelbrink

    We really like the taste of Angela’s Ragu. I’ve kept this frozen for a few weeks knowing I would need it when everyone was home for the Holidays and I needed a break from cooking. Everyone really liked it

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie for your review!

  16. Ariel Hubbard

    This Ragu is phenomenal, fresh, robust but with excellent taste and the service was amazing! I highly recommend it!

    • bellangelacooking


  17. Henny S (verified owner)

    Angela is very kind to give me her bolognese ragu with pasta when I was stressed out because my mom was Covid positive. We ate the pasta and ragu. It was sooo good and authentic. It has the taste of fresh homemade food even though it was frozen. Everyone in the family LOVED it and we cant get enough of it.

    Thank you Chef Angela. You are not just a wonderful chef, but also a great person inside and outside.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie for the wonderful words. So happy you all loved the food, evviva!

  18. Wax Joaquin

    We love this, especially my little one. Thank you so much Chef Angela for providing us yummy and authentic Italian food. We definitely will order more!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie! So happy, felice, you enjoyed it!

  19. Violeta (verified owner)

    Angela’s bolognese ragu is unbelievably good. I usually order her sauce with her fresh made pasta, and it’s phenomenal. So authentic! Can’t wait to get more.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie! Happy to bring Italy to you 🙂

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