Everybody loves Italy for its historic sites, delicious Italian cuisine, great weather, and amiable people. But how much do you know about the Italian gestures and language, widely considered one of the most beautiful in the world?

Ciao everyone! We’re here for another episode of our Italian Gestures discussion with Kerry Woods of Ultimate Italy Tours. In our last video, we discussed some serious Italian languages, but now, we’ll be showing off our silly sides.

The Italian language is a unique blend of flavors that you can explore. Whether you’re an Italian by blood or just someone who loves the idea of Italy, there’s something for everyone to learn. This time, let’s give another set of Italian language and gesture to our good friend, Kerry. Here are some of the words and phrases we tackled, and take a look at our video to learn the gestures of these words.

  • One moment
  • What Are You Saying?
  • Are You Kidding Me?
  • Sei Pazzo
  • Cosa Ti Farei
  • Basta
  • Clever

Keep Calm. We had a great time doing our Italian gesture lessons, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them, too! We’ve got video compilations about other topics like Italian cuisine, Italian places, Italian food, and more. Visit our blog!

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