Ciao! I’m Angela Belli with Bellangela Italian Cuisine, and I’m here again with my good friend Kerry Woods of Ultimate Italy Tours.

We’re on another great episode, and we’re focusing on teaching a Non-Italian friend (you know who) the most common Italian gestures and body languages. We have prepared a list of Italian Gestures on the board, and Kerry and I will be discussing them one by one. Some of the Italian gestures and body languages we’re going to consider are the following:

  • non mi importa
  • impaurito
  • ho fame
  • caffe
  • al bacio
  • buono
  • niente
  • perfecto
  • e tarde

The Italian language is rich in flavours that you can explore, just like our Italian cuisines. We’ve listed only a few on our blogs, and you can watch our video on how I teach Kerry the gestures for these Italian phrases. These are just the beginning because we still got lots of Italian gestures to share to you. If you can’t come to Italy, we’ll bring Italy to you through our videos. See you all!

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