Ciao! I’m Angela Belli of Bellangela Italian Cuisines here again with Kerry Woods of Ultimate Italy Tours. As you can see, there are a lot of wines and drinks in the background. That’s because we’ve come to the Grape Choice in downtown Kirkland to discuss what a ‘BAR’ in Italy is.

The bar can have different meanings or uses depending on the situation. According to Kerry, it’s the place you can get drunk until midnight, or something you can slam your head into. These can be an option, especially for people under stress. In Italy, the bar is a place where you can know everything about everybody, or know exactly where to go if you’re not sure about your destination.

An Italian Bar opens early in the morning and closes really late at night. It’s a safe place to ask about the specific information you want to know, like, “Is the bank open?” or “what time will the bank open?”. Italian Bars are safe places, but there are a few rules to follow:

  • When you go inside an Italian bar, always say buongiorno! You should announce yourself by saying hello to everybody.
  • If the bartenders are not in the bar, don’t be frustrated. Maybe they’re busy with other customers. Try to get their attention politely.
  • Note that there is no pick-up line for your orders. You have to find a space in the bar, tell them what you want to drink, and then wait for your drink to be given to you. In small Italian bars, your order will not be served.
  • It’s better to pay cash since not all bars allow credit card payments for small amounts.
  • In Italian culture, you don’t usually ask for milk in your coffee if it’s after lunch.
  • Coffee and Espresso are pretty strong. If you don’t like the taste, don’t ask for a lighter one because they won’t have it. You can instead order a Caffe Noto, which is a pretty good alternative.
  • You’re not obliged to give tips, but your bartenders will surely appreciate them.

Have any questions? Share your thoughts, and we’ll discuss them! And if you’re looking for the best cappuccino in town, Bellangela Italian Cuisine has it!

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