Chef Angela’s secret to authentic Italian food? Starting with quality, Italian Ingredients.

Here are some of her favorite products to recommend to any home-chef looking to make delicious recipes. As an Amazon Associate, Bellangela earns from qualifying purchases.


San Pellegrino

Nothing tastes like home more than simple San Pellegrino Sparkling water.

Olive Oil

A high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple for any authentic Italian Kitchen.


Aceto Balsamico de Modena – the original and only balsamic you need.


Think you know Oregano? Think again. A delicious, aromatic spice for at-home Italian cooking.

Mediterranean Sea Salt

From Sicily – a coarse Sea Salt to keep on hand in any Italian kitchen.

Olive Wood Salt Keeper

Perfect to keep salt where you need it – with a magnetic top.


Italian Chilli Peppers

Genuine Italian Chilli – Hot Peppers

Italian Tomato Paste

Double concentrated with extra flavor!

Tomato Sauce

A must-have for any Italian sauce

Authentic Pasta

Pantacce Italian Pasta – this is the real deal when you can’t make your own.

Italian Chef’s Flour

Italian Double Zero Flour for Pizza Dough, Bread & Pasta

Italian Yeast

Instant Yeast for “Bread of the Angels” or Pane Degli Angeli

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmesan Cheese

Aged Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy

Parmesan Knife

Stainless Steel Parmesan Knife

Parmesan Container

To store your Parmesan Cheese appropriately

Bellangela’s Extras!

Italian Tuna

Delicious Italian Tuna packed in Olive Oil

Lupini Beans Snack

Delicious lupini bean snack!

Bellangela’s Sweets!

Italian Gianduia

It’s better than hot chocolate. Trust Chef Angela!

Superfine Sugar

For any Italian Baking.

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