About Pizzeria Claudia

Pizzeria Claudia is a family owned pizzeria al taglio in my hometown of Sezze, Italy. They serve pizza al taglio – slices of pizza with many different toppings and they are a pillar in the community.

This is the kind of place where you make new friends, the owners sit with you and have engaging conversations, and they treat you like family.

Pizzeria Claudia have been in my life since I was born, and this business was their dream. They just celebrated 20 years in business… and like many others, their lives got turned upside down in the last few weeks.

Chef Angela at Pizzeria Claudia September 2019
The Pizzeria Claudia Team
Enjoying a meal together, as family at the Pizzeria Claudia in Sezze, Italy. My mom and dad are there, can you find them?

Sezze Tour & Call for Help

At Bellangela, we’ve been planning for a trip to my hometown in Sezze! On the itinerary for this tour is an all-you-can-eat pizza event, and cooking class under the trees. The farewell dinner is planned at their Pizzeria too!

I’m organizing support for these wonderful people. Their pizzeria is so much more than a restaurant, it’s a culinary art, it’s a community center, and it’s a family in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

Seeds of Support Campaign

This Seeds of Support campaign is to provide direct support to the Pizzeria Claudia in Sezze, Italy.

How does it work? Order or gift basil seeds from Italy. Bellangela Italian Cuisine will send (USA only) within one week a small package including basil seeds and instructions for growing basil in their herb garden.

Why basil? Basil is a wonderful aromatic and versatile Italian herb. There are many delicious summer recipes made with basil, and it is relatively easy to grow – it requires sunlight but can work in the ground or in a small pot on a balcony or windowsill. Gardening or growing an herb garden is a wonderful activity most people can do together now that it is spring and we all find ourselves with family time.

Basil Recipes? There are so many delicious recipes made with basil, and Chef Angela will include three in the order – as well as share them through the blog in the coming month.

Please place an order, or gift an order today. All proceeds will go to the Pizzeria Claudia.

Grazie from Bellangela’s Italian team ❤️

How to Order

Please use this form to place your order, you don’t need to donate to receive your free seeds bag from Bellangela Italian Cuisine. It’s a campaign you can donate to help a small business in Italy that reflects Italian tradition and will be there for your next visit enjoying pizza!

To support the campaign:

First Step: Order your Seeds of Support!

Second Step: Make a Donation (optional): Grazie!

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