Classic Lasagna (Serves 4) Medium Size, 8″x8″

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Classic lasagna with Bolognese ragu and béchamel homemade sauce.

It contains eggs and dairy, gluten-free option available for a fee.


  • Lasagna pasta
  • Béchamel sauce (butter, milk, flour, salt, nutmeg)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Bellangela Bolognese ragu’ (ground beef, onions, evoo, salt, tomato sauce)

A minimum 7 day notice is required for all orders

Gluten-free option (requires few additional days for preparation)


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Additional information

Cooking Instructions

Bring the best out of your lasagna!
Bake in a preheated 375 °F (190 °C) oven for about 40 to 50 minutes if frozen, or 30 to 40 minutes if unfrozen: the crunchy corners mean lasagna is ready… Italians would fight over a crunchy corner! Let it rest 10 minutes before serving: this is highly recommended… a common Italian saying is that lasagna is even better the day after!

14 reviews for Classic Lasagna (Serves 4) Medium Size, 8″x8″

  1. Roxana Mendoza (verified owner)

    Delicious lasagna, all my guest were blow away. The taste of the ragú was so smooth and flavorful.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie! Ragu’ made with Italian rules, hours of patience before it slowly cooked.

  2. John

    Takes me back to sitting at Tre Scalini in Piazza Navona enjoying their Lasagna al Forno!!
    This is definitely one of the best, most tasty lasagna’s I have had the pleasure of eating. Even more enjoyable with a nice bottle of wine.

    • bellangelacooking

      You made my day, grazie!
      When a client compares my food to the real Italian one they had in Italy I feel like my mission is accomplished!

  3. Armine Petrosyan

    It was best classic lasagna I have ever eaten ! 😋

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie Armine!

  4. Larissa (verified owner)

    My family love it! Just the best lasagna we ate here, tasty amazing, well made!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie! Happy clients make my day 🙂

  5. Lorraine Holland (verified owner)

    I ordered this for Christmas dinner and it was hit!!! It was so good that my daughter requested if for her birthday dinner. Ordered 2 of them so we’d all get to eat leftovers. It’s absolutely delicious!

    • bellangelacooking

      Love your review! Grazie!
      Chef Angela

  6. Wonderful Morrison (verified owner)

    I ordered the lasagna for our Christmas Dinner and what a hit it was!!! First of all less mess in the kitchen, second because I wasn’t busy cooking I was able to spend more time with my grandbabies. The whole family enjoyed this delicious meal, even my picking eater of a nephew loved it!!! I will order again and I highly recommend.

    • bellangelacooking

      Happiness around the table, Italian style! Grazie mille Wonderful!

  7. Mary Hodge-Moen (verified owner)

    Just ate our second meal from our Christmas package. So delicious, pasta so tender, layers so beautiful, awesome. Had to hold my husband back from eating the whole pan, I want leftovers. I agree with all the reviews, fabulous food.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie mille Mary!

  8. Kelly (verified owner)

    Such a delicious lasagna and a wonderful meal that even the kids enjoyed. So easy to heat in the toaster oven. Highly recommend trying!

    • bellangelacooking

      The kids love it too! Grazie Kelly!

  9. Judy Hurdelbrink

    Kids are home for three weeks so I’m cooking for 5 again. One can’t eat egg or dairy so we set her up with leftovers and totally enjoyed our lasagna! Third time I have ordered this and it has been great every time. I just pop it in the toaster oven. Love that the instructions on attached

    • bellangelacooking

      I love that my lasagna helps families, thanks for mentioning the instructions!

  10. Cruz & Elyse (verified owner)

    Ordered this for a nice meal in. First of all, Chef Angela was able to deliver it to us which was so nice. The lasagna was amazing and flavorful. Both of us commented how well it turned out and the portion was generous.
    1. Delish Dish
    2. Convenient and prompt delivery
    3. No cleanup
    4. Awesome leftovers

    So good I’ll buy more and take them to family get-togethers.. I just wish I could claim I made it.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie for the review!
      Happy you had a wonderful experience 🙂

  11. Wayne (verified owner)

    We got this for dinner, it tasted awesome! I would say it’s better than most restaurants in East Side. I would definitely reorder again! Thank you Chef Angela.

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie Wayne, super happy about your review!

  12. Maureen Kures (verified owner)

    My sons had a friend over and I needed a meal. Angela had just delivered this to my doorstep and it turned out to be the perfect meal. It was devoured in no time with requests for more. I was lucky to get a spoonful. The flavor is so fresh and the pasta so light. My sons declared it the best lasagna they have had. You will be a ROCK STAR if you serve this.

    • bellangelacooking

      So pleased with your son’s declaration, say grazie please!
      Thanks also for the beautiful review, having loving clients like you and your family is the best for a Chef.

  13. Alisa Prinos

    This lasagna is delish. Bellangela serves it up with her premium ragu sauce, which is rich and hearty without making an over-eager pasta eater (me!) feeling too stuffed.
    Try the ragu lasagna alongside the artichoke lasagna when you have guests and offer them a taste of both!

    • bellangelacooking

      Grazie for your beautiful review!

  14. Joy Randall (verified owner)

    What can I say, besides OMG. Angela’s classic lasagna, with her perfect pasta that has such a nice texture to bite into surrounded by her glorious ragu makes my mouth water right now. This truly is something you cannot pass up! You feel the pride and love in all of her delicious dishes! Authentic Italian food right here in our area!

    • bellangelacooking

      I like it! OMG it is 🙂

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