The month of November means it will soon be time for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and here at Bellangela Italian Cuisine that means – lasagna!

Of course you’re going to have the traditional turkey dinner with stuffing and potatoes on Thanksgiving Day, but think about it: After a few days of eating leftovers, what do you really want? You want something that tastes special and delicious but completely different from turkey. That perfect “something” is Bellangela’s lasagna.

Naturally, we think our lasagna is the best, so it was interesting to read a recent Seattle Times article giving the “Best Lasagna in Seattle” honor to a local restaurant. While theirs certainly looks wonderful, with similarities to our lasagna (thin sheets of fresh pasta rather than thick commercial noodles, béchamel sauce) we feel ours has qualities that tip the scales in our favor. We do not use ricotta since it is not traditional, making our lasagna lighter. They use marinara sauce and charge $10 extra for meat sauce; our classic lasagna includes a rich slow-cooked Bolognese ragù. Bellangela lasagna is less expensive per portion; is fresh-frozen to be heated and eaten at your convenience; and offers free local delivery or pickup.

But don’t just take our word for it! This year, a Bellangela customer wrote to us about what our lasagna means to her. Read her Lasagna: A Love Story.

And then get ready for Thanksgiving by ordering Bellangela lasagna here. Whether you prefer the classic version with Bolognese, vegetarian with artichoke, or seasonal sausage and pumpkin, our lasagna is the perfect solution to the post-Thanksgiving dinner blues when you just cannot eat another bite of turkey.

In Italy, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but several towns offer thanks to a patron saint for a bountiful fall harvest. At Bellangela Cuisine we hope that even in this challenging year you have many blessings to celebrate and will be able to gather with your family and friends to give thanks.

Felice Ringraziamento!

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