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We all agree that the sweetest way to end a meal is by having a taste of that sweet and indulging Italian Dolci. And to pamper that sweet tooth of yours, we’re sharing with you three of the most-loved Italian Dolci – Tiramisù, Salame al cioccolato, and Pandoro e panettone farcito.

  • Tiramisù Bellangela Italian Dessert
My very own version of this classic Italian dessert is truly a must-have for your special family mealtime. Teramisu Bellangela is made unique and exceptional with mascarpone, butter cookies, espresso, and Italian chocolate. Take it out from the freezer approximately one hour before serving for its best consistency. Leftovers (if any!) can be kept in the refrigerators for a few days. Do you want to give this dessert a try? Check it out here!
  • Salame Al Cioccolato / Chocolate Dessert
Our chocolate salami is not a meat product. The term ‘salami’ stems from its physical resemblance. Like salami, it is formed as a long cylinder and is sliced across into disc for service. These discs are a brown, chocolaty matrix (like the red meat of salami) peppered with bright bits of cookies (like the white flecks of fat in salami). Salame Al Cioccolatocan be frozen for up to one month. It is one of the recipes I’ve been teaching, so if you want to learn how to do it, join me in my cooking classes, or visit my page!
  • Pandoro e Panettone Farcito / Mascarpone Dessert
Pandoro means “golden bread” because of its deep yellow center. It is an extremely light, moist, and spongy cake. Pannetone or “big bread” is wonderfully fluffy and moist, stuffed with cubes of candied citron and orange peel, and raisin. These desserts should be warmed up in the oven before serving to the table. If you also want to know how to make this Crema Mascarpone per Pandoro e Panettone, I can show you on my teaching class or refer to this link!

Do you want to learn how to make delicious Italian dolci? Chef Angela recommends these kitchen tools to make any dessert easy and effortless. As an Amazon Associate, Bellangela earns from qualifying purchases.

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Cake and Pastry Bags

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Ceramic Round Pie Plate

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Baker’s Dusting Wand

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Birthday Cake Spray Mold

These tips are ideal for use with fondant cakes, sugar paste, petal paste, or Marzipan.

Large Stand with Bell

A nice stand makes any dessert feel like a treasure.

SHARDOR Hand Mixer

You need some power to mix and bake well.

Italian Black Cherries in Syrup

Amarena cherries originated in Asia Minor and were brought to Italy by the Roman General Lucullus.

Amaretti Cookie Snaps

Recipe that has been preserved and prized by Lazzaroni in Italy. Delicate and delicious flavour of the Amaretti di Saronno Lazzaroni.

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