Charcuterie set up, and much more…

Summer is coming! The warm season is upon us, we need sun, heat, outdoor activities… but we never forget a little something to eat! And so, Chef Angela has created two ideas for quick, healthy, always delicious, and ready-to-eat solutions, both typically Italian: a selection of varieties of bruschetta and a platter with Italian charcuterie, cheeses, and more! You can also select an Italian wine recommended directly by Chef Angela.

Enjoy freshly toasted bread with perfectly sized tomato chunks, a hint of garlic, Mediterranean salt, fresh basil, Sicilian oregano, and a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Unique Italian old-school homemade melanzane sott’olio, pickled eggplants in oil, served on freshly toasted bread.

Chef Angela’s creation is a mix of sweet peppers, cappers, olives, and bread-crumbs deliciously paired with freshly toasted bread.

Get ready to “travel” to Italy with your taste buds! Chef Angela has spotted the authentic Italian salumi, like Salame Finocchiona, Bresaola, Mortadella with pistachio, Speck, Prosciutto, Coppa, and Calabrese salami. Of course, Italian cheese like smoked provolone, Piave vecchio, Pecorino Romano cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano. All served with freshly baked focaccia bread.

Directly from Sicily, all kinds of olive.

From Chef Angela’s pantry, her unique Italian old-school homemade melanzane sott’olio, pickled eggplants in oil.

Buona primavera e buon appetito!

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