Mangia italiano for Easter!

Treat yourself with a truly unique Roman Easter Brunch!

Latina, Italy,  grocery store ready for Easter

In Italy, chocolate eggs with a surprise are the Easter tradition adored by children (and dentists!). Did you know that the Guinness World Record for the largest chocolate egg went to Tosca Cremona, an Italian chocolate artisanal factory? They created the largest chocolate Easter egg ever, weighing a whopping 7,200 kg (almost 16,000 lbs!) and with a circumference of 19.6 m (64 ft) at its widest point. If we caught your attention with chocolate, you may also want to take a look at Bellangela Italy Foodie Tour 2021, as the artisanal chocolate factory in Norma and its Museo del Cioccolato will be part of the itinerary!

Also, just like here, many in Italy celebrate with a traditional “Easter brunch”, and the menu varies from region to region. Mandatory on all the Italian tables is the classic Colomba (typical Easter cake), created in Milan in the 1930s with a top layer of almonds and sugar crumbs. It is combined with a variety of rich colorful presentations of charcuterie, eggs, artichokes, cheese focaccia, frittata with artichokes and typical recipes such as the Neapolitan pastiera and casatiello.

‘Tis the season… of artichokes!

‘Tis the season of artichokes, and Sezze, my hometown in Italy, is famous for its artichokes all over Europe! There are many recipes with artichokes, I remember when my mother used to make them golden fried, or alla romana with mentuccia romana (mint) and breadcrumbs.

Buona Pasqua and buon appetito!

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