I offer catering with authentic Italian recipes: imagine appetizer-buffets, or 100% Italian-style Lasagne, or home-made pasta with my secret Bellangela Ragu’ sauce, and don’t forget some special desserts, like my family recipe for Tiramisu’ and Sicilian Cannoli, to name a few.

I’ll assist you on designing your special catering needs for your party: prices will vary depending on the combinations. Just some ideas below, but if you have something specific in mind just contact me.

(ⓥ vegetarian  ⓖ gluten free  ⓓ dairy free)

Antipasti – Appetizers, finger-food, hors d’oeuvres

  • Bruschetta con pomodorini – Tomatoes bruschetta ⓥⓓ (ⓖ)
  • Bruschetta con peperoni e pan grattato – Bruschetta with peppers and bread crumbs ⓥⓓ (ⓖ)
  • Bruschetta con melanzane sott’olio – Bruschetta with Bellangela’s home-made eggplants preserve ⓥⓓ (ⓖ)
  • Crostini Nonna Wanda – Canape’ with chicken liver pate’ Tuscan style (ⓖ)
  • Crostini Zia Manuela – Baked canape’ with mascarpone cheese and sausage (ⓖ)
  • Calascione – Home-made bread with cheese and ham
  • Frollini al Parmigiano Reggiano – Shortbread Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Torta salata con bresaola, formaggio e funghi – Quiche with Italian air-dried beef, provolone cheese and mushrooms
  • Insalata finocchi e arance – Fennel, orange and taggiasca olives salad ⓥⓓ
  • Patate duchessa – Duchess potatoes ⓥⓖ
  • Patate al pesto – Fresh basil pesto spread on sliced boiled potatoes ⓥⓓ
  • Foglie di indivia belga con zola e noci – Belgian endive leaves with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts ⓥ
  • Cuoricini al salmone– Smoked salmon on heart-shaped slice of toasted bread (ⓖ)
  • Tacchino tonnato – Tuna sauce spread on sliced turkey ⓖ
  • Carpaccio di bresaola – Air-dried beef thinly cut covered with arugula and sprinkled with lemon-juice, olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Verdure grigliate– Grilled zucchini, eggplants and peppers dressed with olive oil and salt ⓥⓓ


  • Lasagna Rossa – Classic Lasagna with Bellangela’s ragu’ and béchamel sauce
  • Lasagna Vegetariana – Lasagna with artichokes and béchamel sauce ⓥ
  • Lasagna Zucca e Salsiccia – Lasagna with pumpkin, sausage and béchamel sauce

Dolci Dessert

  • Tiramisu’ Bellangela alle fragole – Strawberry Tiramisu’ Bellangela
  • Panna cotta ai frutti di bosco – Panna cotta with berries
  • Torta al cioccolato e amaretti – Chocolate and Amaretti Cake
  • Tiramisu’ Bellangela  Classico – Classic Bellangela Tiramisu’
  • Profiterole – Handmade hollow rounds of choux pastry (bignè) filled with whipped cream, garnished with chocolate sauce
  • Cannoli (min. order 10) – Handmade pastry shells, filled with a sweet, creamy filling of ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. Powdered sugar and pistachios (optional) on top

Also available:

  • BELLANGELA’s secret Ragu’
  • BELLANGELA’s home-made eggplants preserve ⓥⓓ

Special offers for the most requested items:


Contact me for any question! Follow the links in the Contacts page or just use the form below:

Service Details. Service date and menù are booked when 50% payment is received. The remaining 50% payment is due the day of the event. Bellangela can provide, upon request and with a fee: serving and eating utensils, table covers, plates, napkins, Italian espresso served with an Italian chocolate candy. Please note that wine is not included but I can provide recommendations. Prices do not include gratuity. Delivery is required to make sure your food is properly handled and ready in time for your event. 10% delivery fee will be applied. 30 minutes table set up is included; after that, a fee will be applied. BELLANGELA can accommodate requests for gluten-free and food allergies (ⓥ vegetarian gluten free  dairy free). Requests are required at the time of the booking.

Client’s expectations. BELLANGELA will shop for all necessary food items and ingredients and then prepare and cook the meals for you and deliver it.

Cancellation policy. BELLANGELA does not offer any refunds for services purchased. If changes in service dates or cancellations are provided less than 5 days prior the event, BELLANGELA will require additional cancellation fees, such as ingredients already bought, time spent to grocery, etc.

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