Handmade pasta is among the most common Italian cuisines that both locals and foreign visitors love. And just like many pasta lovers out there, we understand your overwhelming spirits when it comes to choosing the kitchen tools to create this very satisfying delicacy.

That’s why I’ve compiled some of the kitchen tools you need to create perfect Italian Handmade Pasta. As an Amazon Associate, Bellangela earns from qualifying purchases.

BELLANGELA Italian Cuisine presents “Gli strumenti del mestiere – The tools of the trade.”

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Hand-Made Pasta

Hand Pasta Machine

We use the handmade pasta machine that my grandma loves to use when cooking pasta, but you can use the Heavy Duty Pasta Maker Machine available on Amazon.

Pasta Drying Rack

After cutting the pasta using the pasta machine, this drying rack is used to dry and prepare the pasta. A Pasta Drying Rack is a kitchen tool that will come in handy when making handmade pasta.

Thin Rolling Pin

A simple rolling pin with tapered ends will help you achieve the perfect pasta.

Also great for baking!


Gnocchi Board

This is what you use to give a bit of style to your gnocchi. Those little lines will bring elegance and flair to your Italian delicacy.

Potato Ricer

This kitchen tool makes the boiled potatoes really smashed and soft. You can also use it for tomatoes, beans, and more.

Vegetable Scrubber

This tool makes sure that you clean your mushrooms and vegetables without peeling away and discarding skins and their vital nutrients.

Pots and Pans

Cookware Set

A great oven safe nonstick set from Bialetti. Handwashing your pots and pans is much easier.

Stainless Steel Set

With a steamer basket! Great addition to any kitchen.


A great colander is essential for any Italian Kitchen and pasta dish!

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