September is back to school time for many people, including the team at Bellangela Italian Cuisine. And because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, families are once again turning dining rooms, dens, and home offices into study centers for their children’s at-home learning.

This month I want to remind you that the most perfect classroom in your home is your kitchen. It’s the room where people naturally like to gather — and it’s nice and warm and always smells great! When you and your children are done with “real school” online, step into your kitchen and allow me to share some delightful and delicious supplemental education lessons that will benefit your entire family.

Lesson Plan 1: Meals, Memories, and Math

There’s no better place to learn basic life skills than in the family kitchen, and my cooking classes for kids and tweens make it fun and easy. Learn fractions, addition, and subtraction as you weigh and measure ingredients. Learn history and geography from discovering the origins of family recipes. Learn social studies by understanding how certain dishes come to symbolize an area or community. And when you’re done, you get to eat your homework! Click here for details.

Lesson Plan 2: School Week Menus and Food for Busy Families

Because the Bellangela Italian Cuisine team is also home schooling, we understand how planning dinner can be one assignment too many for many parents. Contact Bellangela’s team for customized menu ideas for an entire school week, with ingredients and recipes based on the Mediterranean diet — one of the healthiest food plans, especially for growing bodies and young brains. Or make it easy on yourself and your family by ordering Chef Angela’s fresh frozen foods here, home-made with Italian love: delivery is free!

Lesson Plan 3: Perfect Pizza

In my beautiful hometown of Sezze, Italy, I learned how to make wonderful pizza from my friends at family-owned Pizzeria Claudia. Last spring you helped this business through a rough financial time by buying basil seeds in our Seeds of Support campaign. Pizzeria Claudia would now like to say GRAZIE by teaching you the secret of perfect pizza. They share their secrets with me on this month’s YouTube new video.

Studia Bene e Mangia Bene!

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