Here are three traditional Italian recipes featuring basil to keep you healthy and well fed. Basil contains essential vitamins and minerals and provides a fragrant and delicious way to enhance dishes that support your immune system.

Uova Sode alla Ricotta e Basilico

Ricotta and basil paste make these eggs rich and flavorful, and a quick and convenient source of protein at mealtime. If you’ve only had deviled eggs made with mayonnaise and mustard, this Italian twist will make you rethink how you make this old favorite from now on.

Pasta Tricolore

Three simple appetizing ingredients mixed with pasta — mozzarella, fresh red tomatoes, and green basil leaves — combine to make a satisfying dish that reflects the colors of the Italian flag.

Pesto alla Genovese


Traditional basil pesto was born in Liguria, a beautiful region in the north of Italy. This Genovese recipe has been passed down for decades from generation to generation.

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