In my hometown, Sezze the beach is a popular destination because it’s one of the few places to cool down in the hot summer months.  We’ve developed a recipe for a perfect summer, which looks like this:

Ombrelloni + sdraie + venticello = estate perfetta.

Translation: Beach umbrella + chaise longue + gentle breeze = a perfect summer.

Add some of your favorite people, a friendly game of cards, and a light picnic, and you have everything you need to spend a sizzling day in comfort and happiness.

Many people have had to cancel their travel plans this year and rely on their imagination to bring that summer feeling home.  Here are some ways, and recipes, to your home.

  1. If you have a yard or deck or patio, put on your bathing suit and sunhat and dip your feet into a wading pool while sipping chilled Pinot Grigio.
  2. No outdoor space? Sit in a comfortable chair in front of a fan, crank up some beach music, read a fashion magazine, and nibble on a plate of freshly made spaghetti alle vongole (with clams) — all while pretending you’re being waited on at an oceanside resort.
  3. Grab your copy of Chef Angela’s recipe for prosciutto e melone, the perfect refreshing summer snack. Download here. Or purchase Basil Seeds and receive a Trio of Italian Basil Recipes!
  4. Learn to make delectable summer meals with Chef Angela’s Virtual Cooking Classes.

Authentic cooking traditions and fresh ingredients combine to create summer magic in your own kitchen. Her Bellangela Italian Cuisine Virtual Cooking Classes are just a click away to help you with summer menus and pantry-stocking ideas. Learn more.

What summer is complete without the taste of summer?  This is a large part of how Italians experience the season.  Make sure to follow chef Angela on Pinterest to get a feel for her uniquely Italian take and European lifestyle tips.

The biggest tip? In Italy, the whole country is practically shutdown in because everyone is taking vacation. So if you want an Italian feel, slow down, and find some simple pleasures in your kitchen and around your home. Put your feet up. Relax. 

Buona estate! Buone Vacanze!

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